Oil Bars

Oil bars for dispensing bulk lubricants featuring removable catch pan and spring loaded non-drip dispense valve

Part No.:

OB-1 Single Product Dispense
OB-2 Two Product Dispense
OB-3 Three Product Dispense
OB-4 Four Product Dispense

Markets Served:

Fleet service, Car and Truck Dealerships, Fast Lube and Maintenance Shops
Product Specifications

Accessories for Oil Bars:

Part No. 361 110 Outlet kit to add a tap to existing bars
Part No. 366 550 In-line digital meter kit for oil bars
Part No. 949 001 Hose connector kit. Includes 2’ connection hose, 1/2” NPTMBE swivel, and 1/2” NPTFBE medium pressure ball valve.